Reduce Your Bills

Winter energy bills can have a huge impact on your finances because you typically use more energy in winter. Household energy bills are usually one of your largest expenses and they are expected to go up again in early 2022.

There are some factors you need to consider if you want to reduce your bills. 

How efficient is your heating system?

Wood-burning stoves and fireplaces not only contribute to global warming with the burning of fossil fuels but they are inefficient as much energy is lost through flues or chimneys.

Using radiators is best but old-fashioned radiators are not generally energy efficient.

Modern electric radiators use sophisticated technology to optimize their energy efficiency and convert every watt of energy into usable heat.

You don’t waste the energy you pay for. The best heating radiators from BER and other companies like Ecostrad and Fischer are energy-efficient, responsive, and attractively designed. 

Is your home draft-proof?

Keeping warm air in and cold air out is a simple way to keep your home cozy and save on energy bills. Many British homes were built prior to 1930, which means they are subject to draughts and cost more to heat.

Check to see where draughts are coming by examining places where you would expect them, like under doors or in places where two different materials join

Draught-proofing doors, windows, and blocking cracks in skirting boards and floors will cost you some money but if you use the right products, you can do it yourself. You can even make your own draught-excluders to prevent cold air from coming in under doors.

You will more than make up for what you spend with your savings on your energy bills. After draught-proofing your home, you may find you can turn your thermostat a little lower, which can also save you money. 

Are you using an old washing machine?

You wear heavier clothing in winter and may have more washing than during the summer months. Your washing machine may have to work overtime and this can run up your energy bills.

When you need to replace a washing machine, it’s tempting to go for a cheaper second-hand item. The problem is that it may be much cheaper but it’s unlikely to be energy-efficient. 

Older washing machines end up being more costly over the long term due to the amount of energy they use. A washing machine with an A+++ energy rating uses considerably less energy than an A+ one over its life cycle

How water-efficient is your shower head?

Taking a hot bath in winter is a luxury many people no longer indulge in for various reasons. Taking a shower is much more water-efficient than taking a bath but it depends on the shower head you use.

Some high-volume power showerheads can use more water in under five minutes than it would take to fill up a bath. 

The type of shower, water flow rate, shower head and amount of time spent in the shower can all affect your bills. In a family home with four or more individuals showering, the bills can mount up considerably.

Installing a water-efficient showerhead could pay for itself within a year or so. The Energy Saving Trust says that a water-efficient showerhead can save a four-person home about £30 a year on energy and about £45 a year on water bills.

Are you forgetting about the little things?

There are many small actions you can take to reduce your energy bills if you don’t have the finances to make large, more costly changes. 

  • Unplug household appliances while not in use.
  • When using a kettle, fill it up with only the amount of water you need. 
  • Don’t use a large pot on the stove when a small one will do. 
  • Turn off lights when you leave a room.
  • Keep doors shut to retain heat in areas in use. 

Another tip to save on your energy bill is to run your washing machine on lower heat. A simple action such as turning off the tap while you brush your teeth saves water and costs because a running tap uses about six liters of water a minute.


If you are paying too much for your energy bills, it is time to take action and make some changes. 

Using the tips above or other ways of reducing your energy consumption will help you reduce your energy bill and save money.

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