Do you have an email account? maybe the answer is Yes. An email account is the most important thing in the virtual account provided your virtual life identification.

without email account nobody can found on virtual you need to protect your email account fast . if hacker & thief access your account then you will lose your important data.

Password Protection is not fully secure on your account. because today’s hacker is very expert. Beside every email, the provider provides a lot of tools to secure your email . for an example security question, phone verification, etc

In this Article I’m going to show you how to protect your email account with 2 steep phone verification. 2 steep phone verification is high secure system access protection. if anyone can try to access your account system will inform you via SMS with code.

without using the code, nobody can access your email only you can access your mail using this code .and many times you will receive suspicious access information.

A lot of popular email providers are available around the internet . in this article i will show you with gmail account. because Gmail most popular email provider.

I personally fan of gmail . if you have gmail account. if you are not protecting your email with 2 steep phone verification than I hardly suggest don’t be late protect your account now. Don’t think to do it later.

Turning on 2-Step Verification

Step 1: Sign in to your Gmail account. Click on a thumbnail of your avatar on the right side of the top menu bar, and then click “Account” to update your settings.

Step 2: In Account setting page Click under 2-Steep Verification tab

Step 3: You’ll see a page that briefly walks through the steps of setting up 2-step verification. Hover over the steps for more detail. Once you’re ready, click “Start setup.”

Step 4: Now you will see set up your phone page screen where you insert your own cell phone number and choice verification method there are two methods are available

[1] Text message if you use this method system will send 6 digit code on your phone vai SMS another

[2] Voice Call if you using this option then the system will call your provided number and tell you a secret code. I suggest using method 1

Step 5: Now the system will send a text message to your provided number now see the code in your phone inbox and enter the code here in this box and press verified

Step 6: Decide whether to trust this device. If you are turning on 2-step verification from a personal computer or trusted device, check the “trust this device” box.

You will only be asked to enter a verification code when you sign into this account once per 30 days.

Step 7: In this page, their many options are available with the security option to see the option

[1] 2-Steep Verification Turn Off / Turn On option

[2] Primary number this currently using phone number you will see address number date codes sending method

[3]Backup number this option you can use another phone number to another number if you lost your primary phone number then you can simply use the method



In last in this article, I will show only Gmail account protection. but I’m not discuses other email providers. this means others provider does not offer this type of protection .they also provided this security option for her user.

if you know the process then you will protect your account with this option .don’t blame me for this tutorial to inform the process because many users don’t know processes. if you think any other ideas then share here via comment section.

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