WebSite Design & Development Tools

Free Online Favicon and Apple Icons Generator

If you need Icons for your developing project . after creating icon with photoshop or others tools . than you don't need to create by individually Icons for apple or favicon the tools will be create automatic.

GZip Testing Tools

If your hosting company uses GZIP compression and deflation these can make a significant difference and speed up your site. It´s possible to reduce file sizes by 70% without losing image quality or video size.

HTML Snippets for Twitter Boostrap framework

lists, responsive, user interface, Bootstrap HTML CSS JS code snippet

Color - Style - Google design guidelines

The color palette starts with primary colors and fills in the spectrum to create a complete and usable palette for Android, Web, and iOS. Google suggests using the 500 colors as the primary colors in your app and the other colors as accents colors.

CSS Color Converter

This tool will convert any color you enter into either Hex, RGB, HSL or HSV. You'll also be able to generate matching color schemes such as triadic, tetradic, split complementary, complementary, analogous and monochromatic colors. Each color will also visually show you how the selected color looks with CSS border, CSS background and font color.

Visual CSS Editor

CSS Style Editor, with this tool you can visually see what effect a certain property has on a style. Just select any property on the left hand side to see what effect it will have in the box below.