Laptop Issues

With an immense digitalization and rising work from home culture, laptops have become an essential component of our lives. Everyone knows how to use a computer, but not all users are acquainted with troubleshooting skills that help fix laptop issues.

This article explains five easy fixes to common laptop troubles so that you don’t have to contact the support center each time you experience any issue.

Excess Overheating

If your computer is not in good condition, you will experience frequent freezes and crashes. Normally, when you are working on a computer or laptop, they produce some amount of heat, which is normal. 

But if you notice an unusual heating up of the device, you should immediately stop working on it. The first action that you should take is to turn it off via proper shutdown procedure.

Wait for a few minutes before you turn it on again to resume your work. 

Due to their tiny size and improper ventilation, the laptops get heated. The reason can be excessive dust, blocked air vents that prevent the system from cooling down.

Clean the air vents regularly to maintain consistent airflow and alleviate the problem. 

Fast Battery Drainage

The best thing about laptops is that they run by battery and thus you can take them anywhere. You don’t have to look for a power socket to work for a shorter period, just take them out and start working whether you are at the airport or a beach. 

But the hack is that your laptop’s battery should last for longer; otherwise, you won’t be able to complete your ongoing task.

All laptops run for hours without charging the battery when new, but as they grow older, you need to charge them frequently as the battery drains faster.

There might be multiple heavy load apps running together, or several login items might be consuming all the battery power.

Stop unnecessary startup items and remove redundant apps, recharge your laptop’s battery to the 100 percent mark, and double-check its performance. 

Sluggish Laptop Performance

Sluggish Laptop Performance

Slow running laptops are annoying, yet it’s normal for these devices to turn sluggish over time. Regular optimization of laptops and desktops is essential in order to keep them up and running for the long term. 

If this happens, you need to check free space on the hard drive. As a rule of thumb, the hard disk should never go beyond 85%, which means you must always have 15% free storage space available.

This allows for the smooth functioning of applications and programs. 

Keep the startup items low to let the laptop boot faster and uninstall applications that you don’t require anymore. You can delete applications manually or use specific cleanup utility tools, such as mac app uninstallers.

Abrupt System Shutdown

Sudden shutdown of laptops or desktops is quite normal, though it can be alarming. If your system shuts down abruptly, you need to diagnose the actual reason to fix the issue.

First, check if the power adapter is connected accurately and the outlet is working properly.

Alternatively, remove the battery and reinsert it after a few minutes. Also, run an antivirus app to clean your computer from any viruses that might be affecting its performance and causing sudden shutdowns.

Damaged or corrupted drivers can be the reason behind the inappropriate functioning of the computer. Update drivers, software apps, or the operating system to resolve the persisting issue. If nothing seems to work, call for professional assistance. 

Severe Virus Intrusions 

Sluggish Laptop Performance

Viruses are your computer’s biggest enemies as they severely affect its performance. They can create tons of problems, including slowdowns, shutdowns, data loss, and more.

If your system has got a virus infection, you may notice that your files and folders start vanishing.

When you are browsing the internet, do not click the links that seem suspicious. Also, avoid clicking email attachments that you receive from unknown people.

These links and attachments may include spyware elements that can badly infect your computer system. 

To keep the viruses away from your computer ecosystem, install a responsive antivirus application and run it once every 15 to 20 days. Keep the application up to date for effective performance and better security of your system


Whether you use your computer for work, entertainment, or gameplay, optimizing it is important to ensure consistent performance. The laptop troubles mentioned above are common and easy to handle without any technical assistance.

However, some issues require you to get your laptop or desktop repaired by certified and skilled professionals. 

So, do not avoid any unusual signs as most of them indicate the arrival of severe performance issues in digital devices. Take note of them and try to rectify them as soon as you notice any performance lags.

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