Backup your WordPress Website 

Would you want years of hard work to go to waste just because you didn’t take enough precautions to secure your website?

Do you want your website to be used by a third party after they’ve successfully hacked into it?

If your answer to the above questions is no, then you should know how crucial backup is for the safety of your website and you should start taking it seriously.

Now let’s look into a few backup plugins below to ensure the cybersecurity of your WordPress website.


It is one of the most used plugins, installed by almost half a million sites and provides daily weekly and monthly scheduled backups.
How to Safely Backup your WordPress Website 1

It has several features and can easily have the data saved in cloud storage and with other services, real-time back up can also be done.


But it’s not free of cost, priced at $52 for one site license.

Updraft Plus

This plugin is again on high demand, providing backups automatically. The data can be stored in cloud storage or can be directly downloaded on the computer as well, moreover, you’ll be allowed to store data straight from the WordPress dashboard.
How to Safely Backup your WordPress Website 2

It’s free of charge with premium charges of $70.

BoldGrid Backup

This plugin is feasible yet very handy as it helps for both automated and manual backup along with restoring files that have crashed.
How to Safely Backup your WordPress Website 3

It also has an automated fault protection feature that forms a backup of your wordpress site prior to its update, so if the update fails, the last backup is still there and nothing is lost.


The charge is $60 per year.


How to Safely Backup your WordPress Website 4

This plugin saves the site backups data on their wordpress hosting, keeping the servers of your site free, it has both on demand and automated backup plans.

Furthermore, the restore your site files is easy as you can set up a 90 days backup archive, so the chances of mishap are very low.


A user-friendly and convenient plugin with automated backups along with the ability to store data on cloud storages for future retrieval without any hassle.
It’s free of charge but the premium version is also available for use.
How to Safely Backup your WordPress Website 5

The above-mentioned backups are appropriate for automatic backups of your website but do note that you should never have backup restore on the same web host that your website is on.

None the less, make sure that you spend your time securing the backup so that the future of your website is protected. and also protected wordpress database

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