How to optimize YouTube videos for SEO?

It has been more than a decade since YouTube came into existence. From a mere video browsing platform, YouTube has grown to become the second biggest search engine after Google.

Keeping this in view, businesses all over the World see the platform as an amazing opportunity to reach the wider audiences.

Along with the business firms, there are quite a few people who earn money by getting views over their YouTube videos.

However, getting views over a video is not that easy as it seems to be until and unless the video has been uploaded by a well recognized company or brand.

Therefore, it is important that just like a website, a YouTube video also has to be search engine optimized.

In this post, we are going to highlight some of the ways that will enable you to optimize the YouTube videos for SEO.

Keyword Rich Description

While drafting the description of your video, the initial lines are of utmost importance. These lines should cover the theme of the video and basically what the viewers are going to find once they click on the video.

The description should consist of the common keyword phrases that the users are going to type in order to search the video.

In a case where the search keywords match with the initial lines of the description, the video is definitely going to rank higher in the search results.

Video’s Title Should Match Its Content

The title of the video must be such which gives a clear idea to the views as to what they are going to watch once they click on it.

A title that matches perfectly with the video’s content will be friendly for the YouTube’s algorithm for SEO and also to the viewers.

The best way to choose a title is to take assistance from the auto complete feature of the search engines. By typing a few keywords that relate to your video’s content you will be able to find the keywords that can be used in the title of the video.

Add Tags In Your Video

Tags play a crucial role in making a video rank higher in the YouTube search results. For putting tags in a video it is necessary to list the specific tags first. By using the main keyword all the weight will be put in the algorithms.

Along with specifying the tags, it is important to list the general tags also. For finding the right tags that are to be used with a video you can also take assistance from a few tools.

These tools also display the ranking with respect to the specific keywords.

Before Uploading Name The Video File

So, finally, you have created your video and are eager to upload it to YouTube. But before doing so, you need to rename the video file that consists of the focused keyword.

By doing this, you will be able to give an idea to the search engines as to what the video is all about.

As search engines won’t be able to know the actual content of the video, it is the file name that will tell the search algorithms about the content of the video.

By keeping the name of the video file similar to its title will enable the search engines to index the video that will make it rank higher in the search results.


Above-mentioned are few of the tips or ways that will help you in making a YouTube video search engine optimized and in achieving a higher rank for it.

However, initially, all your focus must be on creating a video that is interesting and enticing for the viewers. Once this has been achieved by you, then shift all your focus in the getting the SEO right for it.

I hope that the tips that are mentioned in the post will prove useful to you. Please let me know views about the post in the comments section below.

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