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Today in this article I will show you how to creating a cordova mobile application in NetBeans.NetBeans is most popular IDE in the developer world.

create an HTML5 application NetBeans have the option to create the application using an Apache Cordova template.

Apache Cordova provides a group of APIs that enable you to develop an application with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that is packaged as a native mobile application.

The application runs on the mobile device and can access the native functions of the device such as the GPS or camera. By using the Cordova APIs a developer can build a mobile application without writing any native code.


Installing NetBeans IDE 8.0

Download and install NetBeans IDE 8.0, if not already installed.
You can download the installer from the NetBeans IDE 8.0 site.


Installing Cordova
You need to install Cordova on your local system to package an HTML5 application as a native mobile application with NetBeans IDE.

You will use npm, the NodeJS package manager, to install and to update Cordova. You will also need to confirm that Git is installed on your local system and configured properly.

Cordova uses Git to retrieve any required Cordova source files from a repository when you package the application as a native mobile application.
Run the following command to install Cordova.

$ npm install -g cordova

Run the following command to confirm that Git is installed.

$ git --version

For additional information about Creating a Cordova Mobile Application, see the instructions

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