Time to change everything. the android development environment will change now.

ant build process slowly stopped that’s we will now move new build process it’s called Gradle to build

Today in this article I will show you how to create a Gradle build project using the android studio.

See blow Steep

1. New Project > Write Application < your Apps name > , Module Name < App> Package Name < organizational name. yourappsname. app > project location < where you project path selected.

Minimum Required SDK: API 8 Android 2.2. Target SDK: API 19   Check the box: Create custom launcher icon

And Create activity than Click Next Button

2. In this Screen, you able to use your custom icon set .

if you already have created an icon for your apps than simple located here Image file system will auto-create icon set then Click Next button.

3. In this Section, you will select your apps Screen Activity here is 3 option
1.Blank Activity
2. Fullscreen Activity 
3. Master Details Activity
here I will Select blank Activity Because I will Create Apps My Own way now Select Next Button

4.Here this screen your apps Activity file name declare. Activity Name: MainActivity.

Additional Features Section You can  add more Option Like Swipe tab view etc now Click Finish

5. Building “”Gradle project info . in this step system auto-create your project in Gradle build

6. Finally, Your Project Has been created see now  your android studio look like this.

Done ! Now for testing to Run your Apps Run > Run Apps

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