URL shortener networks are a great way to make some quick cash. All you have to do is set up your URL Shortening Service and promote it on your blog or social network site, then use the links in those posts for linking back!

What is URL Shortening

In a nutshell, URL shortening is when long URLs are changed into shorter ones. One of the most famous examples of this is Twitter’s 140-character limit. This type of compression is that the average tweet contains 91 characters and most URLs are longer than 100 characters.

If you wrote out your tweeter feed linearly, it would take up 2 screens worth of space because they have so many links per tweet.

Shortened URLs mean that people do not have to type out long links. They can post a short link instead. Shortened URLs also make it easy for someone to find all content from a specific user on a single page.

If you want to promote a link, it is helpful to shorten it. It can help us remember the connection because we don’t have to place a long address.

Now Question How To Make Money For This Link?

You can make money online by using URL shorteners. You get money when someone clicks the link that you put on your website.

For example, if you have a large blog or website where people can download content, just put the link on your site and send them to the page where they will download it.

If every time you click on the link I sent you, I will be paid. For every 1000 visitors that visit your link, I will get $4-5.

The person who opens the link must wait for 5-10 seconds to visit the actual link.

Let’s look at an example.

You found a coupon, and you want to share it on Facebook. Use URL Shortener Networks and post it onto Facebook.

When friends click the link, they will see an ad before getting to the page with the coupon.

Some people want to see your ads. People are eager for your posts, but they don’t want to pay money. If you find something that is useful, then you can share it without giving anyone money.

best URL Shortener Networks list



shorte.st is a company that will pay you money for bringing them, new customers. They will pay 2 cents per 1000 views. There is a minimum cash out of 5$. If you have your own referral system, then they will give 20% of the referrals to you as well.

You can get paid securely through Paypal or Payoneer and their payout rate is good. Besides the shortening service, they also have an affiliate program that gives you special ads formats to promote on your blog or website.


Best URL Shortener Networks To Earn Make Extra Money From blog 1

Adfly is an old, trusted company that pays you every time someone views your ad. You earn between $5 and $10 for 1000 views on your shortened URL.

The minimum amount you can earn is $5 which is the best of any other company. Many people use Adfly because it’s an old, trusted company and they take good care of their customers.



AdFocus is a service that gives you money for links you share on the internet. You can get $2 to $5 per 1000 views on your shortened URL.

The minimum payout is 10$, which is high than other companies that shorten URLs and you can also make commissions from a referral system.

It’s a US-based company and it has higher rates in the US and UK, but if you click any US or UK visitors then they’ll pay more too. There’s also an advertiser program for your blog or website



SNIP.PS is a company based in the United States. SNIP.PS is new and innovative for earning money. You will be paid by sharing your shortened URL on social media, YouTube, websites, and blogs.

When people click on your URL, they will see an advertisement for five seconds.

Then they will go to the original destination and you will earn money from it! The maximum payment is $5 per share with a minimum payment of $10 per share. You can receive your payment through Paypal easily too!



Linkshrink pays you for sharing links. You can be a member and earn money to share your links with the internet.

Free membership is available, and members get a 10% commission from referrals. Linkshrink pays $2-$5 per click and the minimum payout is $5.


It is not good to use too many types of ads on websites. This can mean that people will find it hard to use the website. If you are using Google AdSense, then please do not put any other type of network ad on your site.

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