Have you ever had a PDF document that needed to be refreshed? You could copy the text and then put it into another program called Microsoft Word or Google Docs. When you are finished, save the document as a new PDF.

People know Adobe as the creator of PDF. Therefore, Adobe is one of the best alternatives to merge PDFs easily and securely. This platform provides the users with an offline or online method to combine PDFs. The great thing about the online method is the users do not need to download or install anything on their computers.

Adobe provides a special page to merge PDFs online. The users only need to follow the link and upload the documents to free merge PDF files. Select multiple files from your computer folder, and then click the ‘merge’ button on the top right corner. Wait for a moment to get the combined files ready in this PDF files combiner.

Apart from its PDF merger, this platform also provides several other features regarding PDF files. Thus, Adobe is a one-stop solution for any PDF need.

You may also open the original file for the PDF, add the material you want, and save it as a new PDF.


2pdf.com is a popular tool people use to combine PDF files into one document. It can combine as many PDF files as you want.

PDFs are hard to put together. This tool will help you do it. You do not need to use any other applications because this one is good.

To put together PDF files, you should upload them first. You need to use the right feature on the web app for merging PDF files.

You can merge PDF files. Select the PDF files, then select merge. You can save the single file as you like after merging.


ILovePDF is a software program that does a lot of things. It can change the pictures in PDFs, it can convert JPG files to PDFs, and it can make your PDF have no password. We have recognized this software before for these things.

ILovePDF is like Smallpdf. You can do many things on a document at the same time in ILovePDF. For example, you can rotate pages before you merge the files together.

Uploading your PDF documents to ILovePDF is easy. You can use the drag-and-drop feature, or you can select “Select PDF files” to upload them manually from your computer. You may also upload a document from Google Drive and Dropbox.

PDF Merge

This application is for merging PDF files. It works with a program called Soda PDF, which has many different functions to help you edit and play with the files.

Although if you want all the benefits of Soda PDF, then you need to buy a monthly or annual membership. If not, then you can use one free service: PDF Merge.

AYou need a subscription to merge documents bigger than 10 megabytes. This is not an app that lets you do many document editing operations at the same time, but it does the job and is easy to use.

Combine PDF

With this free application, you can merge up to 20 PDF or picture files into a single document. It also lets you rearrange the pages in those documents. It converts PDF documents into .doc,.docx,.jpg, or.png files as well.

Your files are deleted after one hour. This is done to add more protection for you. You can make a group of files by clicking the “Upload Files” button or dragging them from your desktop or folders and dropping them into the “Drop Your Files Here” box.

Combine PDF files using “Combination.” Upload the files to be combined, then click on the “combine” button. Your newly combined documents will be immediately downloaded as a file called “combinedpdf.pdf.”


This basic web application has less features than other programs. But it is good at making document merging simple and fast. Documents can be in the form of Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

DocuPub also includes tools that help you change the size and format of your PDF files. You can do this with other documents and pictures too. Files for merging should be no more than 20 megabytes in size.


You may be looking for a way to split your PDF file and are wondering which is the best tool. There are many tools out there that can help you, but some of them might not give you precisely what you need.

If this sounds like it could be true in your situation, then we recommend trying out Online-PDF-Splitter or Separate Files!

These two programs will allow you to divide up your files into smaller pieces with just one click. They’re both free so try them out today!

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