Social Sharing buttons

If you start blogging & you’re almost complete with your blog design.

Now you want to integrate your blog more fully with your Social Sharing buttons? The social button helps you& your user to share your article.

But with so many Social Sharing buttons Tools now available online, thinking which is better, how do you know which one to pick?

Today, I’m going to help make that decision a little easier, here are I will collect a few great social plugins! discover the Plugins site and see the button. hope here you will find your choice able button.

Why is it important to have social sharing buttons on your blog?

  • Social Sharing buttons are important because they help increase your blog’s exposure, the more people who share it on social media or link to it from their own site, the higher its rank in search engine results will be.
  • Social Media Buttons also provide you with a free advertising campaign and is an easy way for individuals to follow up with you about something they found interesting while browsing your blog. This creates opportunities that could lead to future sales of products/services (i.e.: contacting someone directly).
  • For bloggers – Facebook has recently changed some of their algorithms so that only posts by friends or family members appear on timelines which means other brands need all the help they can get! One way is through using social networking buttons.

How can you get these plugins with no coding knowledge?

If you are a blogger who has no coding knowledge, or simply doesn’t have the time to develop a social sharing button for your blog then there are many simple ways of getting these plugins.

The first step is to find what type of plugin you need. There are various types such as Facebook Like Boxes; Twitter Follow Buttons and Google + One Button Widgets available online.

All you need do is download them into an HTML document using any text editor (e.g.: Notepad++). Remember that they will work in most browsers but not all so try different methods until it works on both IE and Firefox at the very least.

Another thing you can use if you don’t want to code anything yourself include social media


addthisWant to get more likes, shares and followers on your website? Then you should check out our brand-new plugin for Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Use Addthis’ new Widget for Twitter so that people can instantly share links with others.

Or use the Facebook Button to give your friends on FB an easy way to like a link and share it with their other friends.

Want even more followers?

Simply install our toolbar’s Follow Buttons alongside your email sign-up form and start attracting subscribers who want you in their social networks too! To keep things simple, all of these plugins are completely free.


sharethisShareThis offers the opportunity to see web-wide social intelligence in real-time analytics for brands, publishers, and developers.

The insight into your social media allows you to understand where you are losing potential customers who would be interested in your product.

You can take this information you have learned from ShareThis’s insights as well as using it on a variety of other platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., which gives immense publicity and boosts one’s business with new connections that share the same values as them.


PowrGrow your business with our free, simple, powerful online tools for any site. Replace the time-consuming work of hiring a web designer and writing code by adding a custom Contact Form to your site in minutes.

Invite new customers with PayPal widgets or use our Social Media share bar to increase visibility and find out who’s reading you into your next marketing campaign.

You don’t need outsourcing! POWr to the people!


ShareaholicEver wonder which of your articles are being talked about the most? Whether readers are tweeting, Facebooking, or recommending your content over to their friends? Now you can see results in actionable metrics.

Shareaholic not only provides an attractive social bookmarking menu and a related-content widget on pages but it also offers analytics that provide actionable metrics about how your content is performing.

No more questions like “Did I do anything wrong?” or “Do people actually like my writing?”

Let Shareaholic show you how much traffic, tweets, likes, commenters could be attributed just to one article and see what other social networks have increased traffic as well.

Take a deep breath and relax knowing that things may not be as bleak for our budding


Are you already using any of the above social media plugins? Which ones do you think could be most beneficial? Which other plugins have you found to be helpful in increasing shares and traffic?

In my opinion, these are the best social media plugins and tools for bloggers. Do you have any other suggestions?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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