When we are working with a website developing & designing project. under developing time we will need to implement lots of extra features on our project.

Basically, who works for others. for a client demand you need to add a few extra looks for her project.however they will provide the idea for her project.

Today my article topic is icon, font & SVC element. using a better icon and user-friendly font are more attractive to your modern website.

However, some developers will create it’s manually.but these manually building processes need lots of time. If we use some tools for creating the element then we will save lots of time for our developing project.

In this article, I have been collecting a few tools. the tool’s are easily customized, allowing for transparency and have good browser support.

And because they contain fewer characters than a complete typeface, they also take up less memory.


IcoMoon is a font and icon maker! They provide professional quality icons to use in your apps, website, or anything else. Browse through over 8 thousand professionally hand-crafted icons.

Choose symbols with messages that match your design, like folder names for your personal files; a shopping cart for when someone can order something from you; an airplane for direct deliveries across the country; or a mailbox for daily parcels on delivery day.

You could also import your own vectors into Icomoon to save time and money on designing all of these things individually! The app is free! Now go forth and create some beautiful designs with help from IcoMoon today!


FontasticFontastic is the ultimate font icon generator. Making your own custom web icons has never been easier, cutting down on your site load time means you get more visitors and convert them into customers.

Fontastic comes with over 9,000 icons to choose from that are beautiful so that people always return to your page because of how appealing it is!

With Fontastic, you can create font icons in seconds without any expert knowledge of coding like a previous generation doodler would be required to do.


Fontello makes it easier than ever to build a highly customized webfont pack for your website. Choose from thousands of icons and fonts, then export them as .tff or .woff files so you can use them right away!

You don’t need design skills, nor do you have to create all the assets yourself: simply choose what you want and edit our flexible layouts with CSS.

Then use their site-wide color picker to make sure all of your custom icons are perfectly modified. Fontello is the perfect way for designers who want an easy way to build their own pre-designed websites without coding any code, as well as graphic artists looking for a quick tool that exports vector graphics and shows previews in real time on different backgrounds


Create custom icon fonts directly in the browser, for all of your design projects! Our easy-to-use app allows you to generate CSS and HTML webfonts that are ready to be integrated into your website or presentations with a few simple clicks.

Customize fonts based on their height and weight, as well as the colors they’ll be displaying on screen. For even more editing power, use our hex color picker tool to put any text into whichever shades you see fit!



Creative, professional design work usually means using complicated clip art and logo tools. This is no longer the case with Pictonic – a vector icon generator that’s simple to use and free!

No download or installation needed, you can create your own Pictonics on any device without needing anything other than Adobe Illustrator CC.

Pictonic features 2725 user-friendly icons in SVG format for easy customization; whether it’s for your business website project or a high school math project, these icons are sure to bring about satisfying results. Get started today!


The Icon Font service from weloveiconfonts.com might be the perfect resource for designers looking to test out new fonts before incorporating them into their designs, thanks to its clean top bar design and simplified interface.

Their collection of icon fonts has been hand-selected with a focus on simplicity, readability, and elegance -making it easy for graphic designers and UI makers alike to grab the font they need instantly for work without having to depend on other databases with less care put into selection .

The WeloveiconFonts site also provides links back to both the original designer’s website as well as blog posts about creative tips when using custom fonts in your projects.


I hope you’ve found these font generator tools helpful. Which one is your favorite? What other options are out there that I missed?

Let us know in the comments section below!

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