HTML5 Audio Players

If you are a developer, then you know that HTML5 is the future. It has many advantages over Flash and Java applets, but one of its major drawbacks is that it doesn’t have any native audio players built in.

This means that developers need to find their own solutions for playing audio files on a webpage.

Luckily there are several high-quality HTML5 Audio Players Plugins available today to make this process easier!

In this blog post we will review some popular plugins such as SoundManager 2 and JPlayer and discuss how they can be used by developers in order to create more advanced webpages with rich media content!

What is HTML5 ?

HTML is the language that websites are written in, HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It doesn’t include any multimedia elements on its own and this can be a disadvantage.

This is where HTML audio players come in! Audio players help you to add sound clips or music files into your website which makes it more interesting and engaging too.

Different types of media such as video playback require different plugins but thanks to HTML audio player plugins you don’t need any additional software since they work with pure web-based code (no extra programs needed).

Why does it matter for developers?

While html5 may seem like just another way to display a web page, it also has some great features for developers. One of the most convenient is that HTML can play audio content in mp3 or ogg formats with only one line of code!

This short paragraph summarizes why an html5 player matters as far as what this article’s about: it makes life easier when you’re developing and coding websites (at least if they have any audio).

The new html5 specification has given developers a break from the old audio players. Here are four reasons why:

  • The introduction of an audio tag lets you easily share sound files with other browsers and devices without having to worry about browser compatibility issues.
  • You can now use video tags for captions, subtitles or any text that needs to be displayed while playing back media content on your site
  • With this change in how different HTML elements work together, it becomes much easier than before to embed the player into many popular CMS systems
  • If you’re using Google Chrome as one of your supported web browsers then good news! This will allow users browsing on their mobile phones who have “text-to-speech” enabled

Web Audio API and the future of web development?

Some of the most exciting developments in web development have been made possible by Web Audio API, a standard that enables developers to use audio components and effects inside their websites.

Imagine being able to play music from any website on your phone or tablet without having an app installed!

A growing number of well-known sites are embracing this new technology – for example, YouTube now features support for custom soundtracks with Web Audio API.

The possibilities really seem endless when you think about what can happen next as more major players get onboard.

Best HTML5 audio players plugins 


Google Grid Gallery

JPlayer is the world’s first pure HTML5 audio player. Based on jQuery and just an occasional touch of Flash, JPlayer has been designed for advanced functionality and easy implementation.

Jplayer’s revolutionary event-driven API makes it possible to develop great interfaces with very little code. You will need a flash plugin (such as SWFObject) to support playback if you do not have access to Javascript.

We didn’t use any JavaScript in jPlayer two because we are innovators and don’t want people who don’t know anything about getting involved!

HTML5 Music Player

HTML5 Music Player

Are you a web designer or developer looking for severe tools to create HTML5 music players? Welcome to the future!

This premium-quality plugin allows you to present your visitors with an option: they can either listen to some of your favorite songs by clicking on attractive album covers or view other high-quality pieces of art and photography from talented designers.

Creating such an interactive gallery like this does take a lot of work – do not worry! With the help of our stunningly beautiful PSD Files, all it takes is two clicks for you to get on board. Start now and change the way we look at galleries forever!



MediaElement is an upgraded HTML5 player that takes the stress out of retrofitting older browsers with new technology.

MediaElement offers customized and cross-browser plugins for Flash, Silverlight, and Java Applets, so you don’t have to worry about the operating system or browser incompatibility in your multimedia projects.

For a hassle-free solution that enhances usability from start to finish, MediaElement is designed to give you excellent customer service at all times!

HTML 5 Audio Player

HTML 5 Audio Player

You’re a developer who loves the latest, greatest technology but has always been frustrated with how well some game browsers like Internet Explorer 8 have supported HTML5?

You want to utilize all of your newfangled skills while creating for older browsers too. The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel watching work you usually wouldn’t be able to do come alive on IE8 is indescribable.

Get our creative audio player today and leverage your talents in both formats: Flash and HTML 5!



The HTML5 Audio Player allows you to play any sound effect on your website easily!

Drag and drop the folder with all of your files onto the audio player, add some metadata about each sound file (so visitors can find what they’re looking for!), then decide if you want it autoplay or not.

You might say, “An HTML5 player for music.”

SoundManager 2

SoundManager 2

SoundManager was written to meet a desire to have Javascript-driven sound for interactive web-based projects, and “to make it easy to play MP3s in the browser.”

It is free for use in both personal and commercial projects. Supporting HTML5 audio can be tedious in modern browsers, let alone legacy ones.

With real-world visitors using browsers ranging from mobile Safari to IE 6 across a wide range of devices, there can be many support cases to consider.

Audio Cogs


A revolutionary new format from Apple, ALAC is designed to give you the highest quality sound without any size reduction. With its patent-pending compression technology, it boasts both incredible low and high frequencies.


I have tested the player and it works fine on the latest Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera both Mac and Windows versions.

The player works well on Internet Explorer 9, 10 and gracefully degrades to mini mode on earlier versions.

I have also been lucky with iOS 6, Windows Phone and Android 4.2 default browsers.

However, the earlier Android versions do not support “audio” nor “embed” elements, so the player won’t work there at all.

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