Pagination lets manage the contents of your website in an elegant way and make it easy for visitors to navigate and access each part of your websites.

jQuery Pagination PluginsToday in this article I have collected Best jQuery Pagination Plugins.

if you are trying to integrations pagination in your project then try to flow plugins.

jQuery Pagination PluginsYou can apply pagination two different way one is manual & second is use plugins.

jQuery Pagination in Plugins that will help you to easily integrate pagination to websites with few lines of code.

1Smart Paginator

jQuery Pagination PluginsSmart Paginator is a comprehensive jQuery Pagination plugin that makes adding pagination very simple task, all the navigation logic is built in and it is also very customizable.

Smart Paginator jQuery Pagination plugin can also filter your data automatically on client side. Click the screen shot below for the demonstration to see the various filter options provided by Smart Paginator.

A simple jQuery pagination plugin that comes with 3 CSS themes and bootstrap support.


jui_pagination is a jquery plugin, provides pagination using page links or jQuery UI slider. jui_pagination is a fully configurable, jQuery UI themes compatible and with localization support.

jPaginator is a jQuery plugin for pagination. It’s fun, intuitive, it comes with a slider and you can ask for an unlimited number of pages.

Data table is a jQuery plugin for dynamic data tables with pagination, filtering and ajax loading.

6JP List

jPList is a flexible jQuery plugin for sorting, pagination and filtering of any HTML structure.

It supports data sources: PHP + MySQL, ASP.NET + Sql Server, PHP + SQLite. It works with JavaScript templates like Handlebars, Mustache etc.

ui_kits_templates_wireframe_guibootpag is a dynamic pagination jQuery plugin. Works well with Twitter Bootstrap or any other html pages.

8Bootstrap Pagination

This jQuery plugin simplifies the usage of Bootstrap Pagination. It uses appropriate classes:.pagination, .activeand .disabled.

A jQuery plugin and a tutorial on how to paginate small sets of data on the client side using jQuery.

This jQuery plugin that will enable you to convert a regular unordered list of items into a SEO friendly set of easily navigatable pages. It can be used for comment threads, slideshows, or any kind of structured content.

ui_kits_templates_wireframe_guiLightweight plugin that enables keyboard shortcuts for pagination. It supports Numbered links, Previous-Next page links, First-Last page links.

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