The potential of SEO is still the same and in order to get the grace of the search engines, there are many companies that are changing their websites to https. Most SEO experts recommend that website owners do that, as their thoughts on rank drops implicate that doing so would actually improve the SEO.

The reason for this could be to enjoy the benefits of SEO and even to get better page ranks and as well to provide the safe and secure website to the visitors.

There are some other people who have switched their website and changed accordingly all the layouts and aspects to the SSL. But instead of getting better results, they have found that there is a gradual drop in the traffic.

However, this scenario can be avoided if you follow certain tricks while moving your website to https from HTTP.

All About HTTPS and SSL?


In these days there is a lot of scope for e-commerce sites which needs a protocol for secured transactions. In this regard, people use this HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) for encrypted transactions.

All the banks and other trusted websites are developed in this secured manner.


On the other hand, SSl which is abbreviated as the Secure Sockets Locket is used widely these days in order to provide transmitting files better connections in a secured manner.

The vital point to consider here is, we encrypt the connections with SSl and not the file.

Here are some examples which help us to understand how a domain looks with and without encryption.

Encrypted domain:

Unencrypted domain:

So if you want to get the intense security, then you have to move like others to the HTTPS and here you can get some tips so as to have the same traffic and the number of visitors to your website.

Things to Consider While Moving from HTTP to HTTPS

Follow these important tricks when you are changing your website from HTTP to HTTPS

  1. Always make a note to Set up 301-redirects from HTTP to HTTPS
  2. Never forget to update all the “canonical” tags to the HTTPS versions
  3. All the external incoming links should be changed to HTTPS
  4. There won’t be any hassle with the security warning issues and these can be avoided when you ensure that all the images, 3rd party scripts, and the plugins are protocol-independent URLs.

As you change everything to the protocol independent URLs, you have to check whether your website is working with all the browsers mainly Firefox and Chrome as people use these both especially.

Do remember to update all the social media accounts of your business and as well all of its backlinks to the HTTPS.

Google Webmaster Tool Traffic Drop

Are you using the Google Webmaster Tool and here you have found that there is a lot of change in the traffic which your website used to get? Then here you can get the perfect answer for this to happen.

The fact which we don’t know till date is Google Webmaster Tools will consider the HTTP and https websites as different entities.

We can understand this more clearly when we know the difference between the WWW and as well the non-WWW domains.

Here we will notice in a just a couple of days that the traffic for the SSl version keeps in increasing and as at the same moment, the non-SSl traffic will be decreased.

In order to avoid this, you can verify the HTTPS version in the different webmaster tool and this you have to do this before you move to HTTPS.

So always remember to do this so that there won’t be much difference in the traffic.

If you want to get the advantage of the analytics, just wait for a couple of day after the move and here you can gain insights.

When you succeed in adding the SSL version and verifying it, then very soon the graph will be normal and you can be able to get the advantages of even drawing more traffic for sure.


The whole world is moving from HTTPS to HTTP in the name of getting better traffic. But the experts say that when the process is not done properly, you have to bear the adverse results like the drop in traffic.

So be careful and follow the above-mentioned steps to get more visitors and a secured website. You can even get the help of the professionals in order to get this done properly.

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