How to reset wireless router password

Today, the most effective way to build a home or the office computer network is to use the highest performance router. For this purpose, the wireless router are highly used for the small business establishment and even in the homes.

In fact, if you want to provide the efficient and speed communication between your staff and office, you can use these for the ease of access. When it comes to the environment of the routers, you can see the wide range of routers that are available in the market.

Therefore, people have chosen anyone from a large number of routers in the most effective manner.
How to reset wireless router password
When it comes to the wireless routers, you need to know some essential things about it. As the way, the wireless routers is the special device that can connect both wired and wireless appliances and the devices to communicate with each other through the internet. As well as, the wireless routers are offered in the variety of brands like as Linksys, DLink, Netgear, Apple, Asus and more.
Each of these routers is manufactured with the default IP address that is also known as the default gateway. In fact, this default IP address is used for accessing the network settings when you have bought and used the router for the first time. However, it can be changed later for your further purposes.

Username and password for the router
Apart from these things, you also provided with the default username and password for your router to access the settings of the router. However, these things are also offered to you at the time of purchasing the router. 

So, you can use them for customizing your network settings as you wish. In fact, this username and the password may vary by the brands of the router. They can be provided with the user manual of the router and therefore, you can access them for availing the benefits.  In this way, you can access the settings of the network by using the username and password.

In some cases, you may forget the password of your router and you want to gain it for accessing the network. However, it is quite difficult to obtain it. If you want to obtain the password of your router, then you should be a network administrator. This is because that the network administrator has the authority to access all these settings.

How can you gain the password of your router?
In case, if you forgot the password or working in the router without knowing its password, there is a way to obtain it. For this purpose, you can try the following settings for availing the username and the password of your router in the easiest manner.

You can use your router manual for obtaining the password and the username of the router in the most effective way. Even the same manufacturer of the router may have a different username and the password combinations. So, you need to look through the user manual. 

If you have lost the user manual, you need not worry about it. You can search through the internet by specifying the model number of your router. It can provide you the exact password and username of your router in the easiest manner. 

In addition to that, it is also better to check the sticker that is on the router. Some routers may also have come from the internet service provider and it may have a unique password. So, they can only print on the sticker of the router. 

Apart from all these things, you can also try to use the common username and password combination for your router. As the way, most of the routers have the common word admin as both the username and the password.  So, you can try it for various kinds of the routers.

Tips to reset your password of the router
If all the above-mentioned things are failed to get the exact username and password for your router, the only way to do is resetting the router. Yes, it can help you to get the router settings easily.  To reset your router, you can use the variety of methods.

As the way, the modern routers now come with the reset button and therefore, you can press this button for resetting the router in the easiest way. Once you have pressed this button, it can be moved to the default factory settings. 

As well as, it can also reset the configuration changes you have made in the router. In that manner, the things in the router are changed and they are like as follows.
  1. Network settings
  2. Forwarded portals
  3. Parental controls
  4. Custom Passwords
Once you have reset your password, you can able to access the router with its default user name and password.  This is the exact method of resetting the router for accessing the password.

How to reset your router for gaining the password back?
For this purpose, you need to press and hold the tiny hole in the router for 10 seconds. This is located at the back of your router and you can use the sharp object like pen or pin to insert in the hole.

Then, you need to release it, when the lights of the router are getting flickered.  After that, you need to turn off your router and on it later. You have to allow the router to reboot completely.

Once you have done this thing, you need to open your web browser and type the IP address of your router in the address bar. It will take you to the login page of the router. There, you need to enter your default username and password of your router to enter the settings.

In this manner, you can reset the router for gaining the password of the router in the easiest way. However, you can get more details by searching the internet. 

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