Here I will collect top tutorials site around the internet . I have already read the all of my collection tutorials. these tutorials write by good application developing a skilled person . that’s why I will collect their tutorials in my this article.

I suggest who are interest to developing PhoneGap application must see the phonegap tutorials I hope you will become a good application developer if you apply the tutorials technique.

Besides, if you find the application developing concept like music,news,photo gallery application then you will find source and guideline here in the flowing tutorials.

phonegap tutorial phonegap tutorials
tutsplus tutorials are pretty cool. android top developers are writing the tutorials. you will find starting instruction and lots of pre-building apps tutorials with source code.  

implement push notifications in your PhoneGap application. You will learn the following:
An overview of the push notification handling process,How to use the PushPlugin supported by PhoneGap Build,An overview of the PushPlugin APIs,How to register your application to receive push notifications,How to use a simple node service to send a push notification to your registered device,Differences between Android and iOS for handling push notifications

In this site, they will cover how to use WordPress as a backend for a PhoneGap mobile app. look at how to create REST APIs for WordPress so that the PhoneGap app can communicate with WordPress using those APIs. also to build a simple PhoneGap app which allows users to login and then display a list of WordPress blog posts.

phonegap tutorial

PhoneGap Apps with AngularJS
PhoneGap Apps with AngularJS
Building a PhoneGap app with Angular JS this site is very helpful for all. here you will find the very clear concept to building and debugging apps.

All tutorials site list is very useful for beginners. if you discover the listed site you will get many useful resource and element that’s will help your developing skill. If you think more valuable site are available around the net and the site are not listed in here feel free submit a comment with the site name it will be more helping the post reader. 

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