Today i’m writing this article for who develop easily android native this tutorial i’m showing how to create a native mobile apps. to do this we need PhoneGap & dhtmlx framework. first know what is PhoneGap & dhtmlx Framework.


PhoneGap is a mobile development framework produced by Nitobi, purchased by Adobe Systems. It enables software programmers to build applications for mobile devices using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, instead of device-specific languages such as Objective-C.The resulting applications are hybrid, meaning that they are neither truly native (because all layout rendering is done via web views instead of the platform’s native UI framework) nor purely web-based (because they are not just web apps, but are packaged as apps for distribution and have access to native device APIs) to Know more 

dhtmlx Framework. 
DHTMLX offers a rich JavaScript library, UI components & HTML5 mobile framework. Build impressive web apps for both desktop and mobile devices to know more visit dhtmlx Framework official site

To download dhtmlx product click here 

Start With Android Studio : 
To start with android studio i have already  ready phoneGap blank Project you need to download it from here.
Now import PhoneGap Blank project with android studio simple :

  • File > Import Project
Now Copy the dhtmlx Framework Source download it from here dhtmlx Scheduler.  Past the source code in your Assets Folder. look like see image 
Now Synchronize project simple click Synchronize Button or ( Ctrl+Alt+y)  
if you need to change package name  (package org.bijoytechnology). this the important to change when you develop your own application with your own name like organisation name or your own name . for example (
by selecting [src] folder click org.bijoytechnology folder  now in android studio Press Shift+F6 Button or Right Click to Refactor > Rename 
in this Box You will Rename your package name or Rename directory . now we need to change directory name so click Rename directory . here remove bijoytechnology and enter your own name. after change name click Refactor.
Now your package name will be change to yours. now same way to change [gen] folder package name by doing this here you will see this window File Cache Conflict   her click Load file system change.
To change application name : 
Select [res] to values open strings.xml  file . to change app_name with your apps name . 
To ad Google Analytics Tracking in your apps 

to tracking your apps with google analytics i will add extra option google analytics in this phoneGap project
simple open analytics.xml file in res folder and insert your google analytic ID if you see details than tack a tour my anothers this article how to add google analytics android


all done time to have test this apps in emulator .
Run > Run Apps Now


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