The world is evolving rapidly with regards to internet and publicity. It is now easier than ever to connect with people globally, thanks to strategies from iDigic, promoting your brand just got easier.

Here are 11 key pointers to start you off on Instagram and help achieve the status of a networking Rockstar!

#1: Your Profile is Your Business Card

Use Instagram to Build a professional Image for yourself or your business. You will need to put an appropriate cover image, a brief bio about yourself/your business and an appropriate profile picture.

The most successful Instagramers tend to use more personal photos to spread an image of humanity and transparency.

An example can be seen below in Jamie Oliver’s Instagram account, where he markets himself as a professional celebrity chef as well as a loving father and family man.

11 Tips & Techniques to Becoming an Instagram Rock Star! 1

Users like to know they are engaging with a human being rather than some cold corporation, when they view your account.

#2: It’s All About the Stories Behind the Pictures

Instagram works in pictures. Post Images that exude more of a personal touch, the feeling you wish your clients to receive when benefiting from your services or products.

Understanding the mindset of your target audience is very important here. Followers are not interested in seeing picture upon picture of your products,

they want are using Instagram to be social and engage with other people and concepts.

Humanity is a recurring theme for your Instagram account.

Posting an adorable video of a kitten, for instance, will get you more likes and engagement than posting an image of the kitten food you are trying to sell.

#3: Use Instagram to Brand Yourself Visually

Brand yourself at every available opportunity by inserting your logo or brand as a watermark on the images you post.

This starts to develop a connection with your name and can allow your followers to find you on more places than just Instagram, which will increase your social traffic.

However, don’t spam your products or services, rather include relevant information that followers can find out more about them (like a short link to your website).

#4: Follow People Back To Build A Support Network.

Engaging people is so important and should be your main priority! Not following users back that are beneficial to your brand’s cause is a waste of a great opportunity to accrue even more followers.

You help and support other brands and people when you follow them and they are more likely to follow you back. This is also the beginning to engaging with your audience, revealing to them that you are not just a static page.

You can also tag other people, taking full advantage of the social aspects of social media. Engagement is King.

#5: Trending Content Gets You Guaranteed Likes.

Find out current trends in your niche and secure instant likes in 2016.

A good way to do this is to check out what has received the most likes that day or week on Instagram, as well as other photo-based social media platforms.

These include Pinterest, Flickr and Tumblr as well as quite a few stock photo websites.

You will need to post your own unique version of the same and engage your audience in your own way about the trends.

Copying outright is one way to sink your chances of success.

#6: Observe Your Statistics & Improve Your Strategy.

Use tools to monitor your successes or failures and then adapt your action plan with what consistently works.

The best program recommended for Instagram in this regard is Iconosquare (previously called Statigram).

It doesn’t take a rocket science to understand this and it can be a great way to learn from mistakes.

11 Tips & Techniques to Becoming an Instagram Rock Star! 2

#7: Using Hashtags is #VITAL.

There is no excuse for not using hashtags. If you don’t, your page or updates won’t be easily discovered and users will not be able to search the content you upload!

It’s a good idea to search trending hashtags that are familiar to most users and apply them (where appropriate) to your posts.

A good suggestion if you have a longer than usual posting format, is to put your hashtags in the first comment of your image, allowing users to still find it and giving you more space for your posts brief body.

#8: Provide the Ice-Breaker for your Fans

Give your fans a way to engage in conversation, such as placing a question, an effective punchline or even a challenge in the written part of your post.

The image is the one part of the equation and being social is the other. Comments from users generate the ultimate engagement you could possibly want from Instagram and it keeps things interesting for the fans, who crave socializing.

11 Tips & Techniques to Becoming an Instagram Rock Star! 3

#9: Occasionally Use Instagram to Make Announcements

Use photos to introduce promotions, upcoming events or announce something to your fans every now and then.

This keeps continuity with your brands concept, promotes engagement from your followers and can generate sales for you, provided you do not abuse this feature and spam.

#10: Your Posts Should Be Short & Sweet, Something One Can Eat!

Keep your post’s written content as brief as possible and encourage your followers to find out more or engage with you about it.

Utilize short links that WORK (nothing more embarrassing than promoting a web link that doesn’t exist) and direct people to your site so they know where to find out more.

#11: Regular Posts Are King.

The trick here is to post regularly enough that your fans don’t forget about you, at the same time respecting people’s boundaries and not overloading their feeds with only your posts.

The last thing you want is to spread the image of a selfish Rockstar!

Regular posts also are more likely to get your page noticed more frequently, being current in searches more often than old posts.

There you have it, 11 tips and tricks to getting you on your way to Instagram Rock-stardom!

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